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Welcome to Chase Scientific Company. We primarily do research and development in areas of Robotics, AI, Food Synthesis, Security, and Office Automation. We also sell high speed PCI Arbitrary Waveform Generators, PC/104+ Digitizers, and PCI Frequency Synthesizers cards. All of these embedded instruments consist of fast A/D's, D/A's, and clock circuits that allow them to sample from 10MHz up to 4GHz. Platforms include PCI, PCIe, USB, and PC/104+. Use the "Product Matrix" button above, or the Catagories / Quick Links menus at left to narrow down your selection.

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Picture of AD2100


This is a 2-CH, 100MSPS, PC/104+ Digitizer which uses Scatter/Gather DMA for transfers up to 110MBytes/sec. It can sample two 12-bit A/D channels simultaneously and store the data to on-board memory (up to 2Meg/ch).


Click HERE for more information. This module comes with or without the ISA connector (bottom).

Latest News

Chase Completes Transition to 100% Open Source Eng. Software.

Chase Scientific Releases new PCIe to 2-Slot PCI Box with no ext. power.

04-12-2013: Ships
3.0 GS/sec Arbitrary Sinewave Generator
(PCI, PCIe, USB, other).

01-17-2013: Ships
6.0 GHz Clock Generator
(PCI, PCIe, USB, other).

Chase Spins off WavePond for Low Cost USB, PCI, PCIe, LAN, and OpenSerdes Instruments.

Chase Scientific officially begins transition to R&D for Robotics, AI, Office Automation, and a new generation of embedded instrumentation.

Added Pretrigger Capability to AD2100.

Production Release of
DA14000, 4.0 GS/sec, 12-bit, PCI AWG Card

Production Release of
DA12000, 2.0 GS/sec, 12-bit, PCI AWG Card

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