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Welcome to Chase Scientific Company. We primarily do research and development in areas of Robotics, Food Synthesis, Security, and Office Automation. Selected technology developed at Chase is then made available to our subsidiaries for further development and product integration.

We also sell high speed Arbitrary Waveform Generators, PC/104+ Digitizers, and Frequency Synthesizers modules. Platforms include PCI, PCIe, USB, OpenSerdes, and PC/104+. Use the "Product Matrix" button above, or the Catagories / Quick Links menus at left to narrow down your selection. WavePond is currently developing all new USB-based instruments.

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Picture of DAx22000


Made by WavePond the DAx22000 is a USB controlled Arbitrary Waveform Generator that can sample at 2.5 GS/sec with 2 channels simultaneously at 12-bits.

  Optionally, the card inside this box can be reconfigured to fit into a PCI or PCIe slot, or no slot.

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Latest Activities

WavePond Introduces USB Controlled 4.0 GSPS, 1-CH, 12-bit, Arbitrary WaveForm Generator.

WavePond Introduces USB Controlled 2.5 GSPS, 2-CH, 12-bit, Arbitrary WaveForm Generator.

MemesGate Develops 20 Core CPU Using Common HDL / SW Language for Parallel Computing.

ChaseMinder Develops New Hardware/Software Tools for Unbreakable Network Security.

Chase Completes Transition to 100% Open Source Eng. Software.

Chase Scientific Releases new PCIe to 2-Slot PCI Box with no ext. power.

04-12-2013: Ships
3.0 GS/sec Arbitrary Sinewave Generator
(PCI, PCIe, USB, other).

01-17-2013: Ships
6.0 GHz Clock Generator
(PCI, PCIe, USB, other).

Chase Spins off WavePond for Low Cost USB, PCI, PCIe, LAN, and OpenSerdes Instruments.

Chase Scientific Begins Transition to Advanced Research Projects.

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